Pet Supplies Stores in the UK

  1. 1. Dartfrog Online Services
    Dartfrog offers the amphibian keeper a range of quality captive bred amphibians, vivaria & vivarium plants, specialist live foods, a wide selection of equipment, books & artwork. We also increasingly cater for reptile keepers, orchid and unusual houseplant growers.

  2. 2. Crystal Clear Pet Products Ltd
    Cat litter and new, exciting and innovative Pet products from Crystal Clear Pet Products. Includes silica gel based Tracks-Less Litter Pearls, Ultimate Innovation cat litter,AK superclumping cat litter, Nullodor Health Indicator, Worlds Best cat litter, Breeder Celect, Safe4 Pets disinfectants, Catrix cat activity centre & cat scratchers, Franks Pro Gold pet food, Applaws and Almo Nature cat food. Top Opening Linus pet carriers. Booda dome and cleanstep litterboxes and Options Hooded cat toilets

  3. 3. Indigo Collartags
    Indestructable tags for dogs. All tags come with a lifetime guarantee

  4. 4. Mekuti - Dog Training and Behaviour Solutions
    Home of the Mekuti Balance Harness which stops dogs from pulling and other animal centered equipment for calming, reducing anxiety and improving self-control. Products and techniques incorporate the principles of Tellington TTouch. All our products are kind and gentle but still very effective. Our most common customer feedback is "I can't believe the difference!"

  5. 5. Funky Felines
    This shop does not have a description.

  6. 6. John Birch Pet Pantry
    Natural complete food for dogs, cats and small animals.

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