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Marketing Tools - Proven to increase sales
RomanCart Dashboard NNYYYYY
Track Google Adwords NNNNYYY
Number of Marketing Emails / Month 005000100004000010000040000
Prospect Sequencing NNNNYYY
Customer Sequencing NNNNYYY
Number of Contacts Permitted on CRM-500100050001000010000010000
Number of Products in Product Manager1010050020004000100004000
Number of Products without Product ManagerUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Up-sell / Cross-sell NNNYYYY
Up-sell / Cross-sell Images NNNNYYY
Product Follow Up Emails NNNYYYY
Create Contact Lists NNYYYYY
Export Sales Data (CSV format) YYYYYYY
Export CRM Data (CSV format) NNYYYYY
Offers (BOGOF etc.) 00001201
Advanced Marketing Tools - Serious Marketing Features
Site Split Testing NNNNNYN
Promotional Code Algorythms NNNNNYN
Product Based Email SequencesNNNNNYN
'Welcome Back' Email SequencesNNNNNYN
Multiple Prospect Email SequencesNNNNNYN
Import Contacts into RomanCartNNNNNYN
Standard Cart Features
View Sales Reports YYYYYYY
Email a RomanCart Link YYYYYYY
Set Tax for any Country or Region YYYYYYY
Unlimited Global/Regional Shipping Methods YYYYYYY
Customize Cart Pages YYYYYYY
Translate the Cart into Any Language YYYYYYY
Active Products YYYYYYY
Add Regions to any Country YYYYYYY
Set up Discounts YYYYYYY
Promotions/Gift Certificates YYYYYYY
Sell Passwords YYYYYYY
Order processing YYYYYYY
Fast Addressing with PostcodeAnywhere.co.uk YYYYYYY
Print Invoices YYYYYYY
Downloadable Goods
Sell Downloadable Goods YYYYYYY
Digital Vault Space for downloadable products
(Max 25mb per item)
Digital Vault Bandwidth per month --500mb10gb100gb100gb100gb
Import Username/Passwords to be sent
with download (e.g. for E-Book Gold)
Accepting Card Payments
Connect to Payment Gateways NYYYYYY
Website Tools - Used to enhance your website
Remote Data Delivery NNNYYYY
Website Search Engine NNYYYYY
Allow Customers to Track Their Orders NNYYYYY
Product Management
Product Manager YYYYYYY
Product Manager ExportNNNYYYY
Product Manager UpdateNNNNYYY
Stock Control NNYYYYY
Specific Enhancements
Image Upload (max 5mb per image)NNNYYYY
Booking System - Accommodation Limit1102050100100100
Data stored (months) 161824363636
Multi Cart Sales Manager NNNNYYY
Edit Orders NNNYYYY
Undelete Records NNNYYYY
Print Multiple Invoices NNNYYYY
Secure Images Allowed 001020505050
Custom Header Space per Header / Footer 2000200020006000600060006000
Daily Backups NYYYYYY
Access to Support Forums YYYYYYY
Email Support YYYYYYY
Pricing (excludes tax)
Per Transaction Charges£0£0£0£0£0£0£0
£ Price Per Year£0£59.99£119.99£179.99£249.99£399.99£299.99
$ Price Per Year$0$89.99$179.99$299.99$399.99$739.99$549.99
€ Price Per Year€0€69.99€139.99€219.99€289.99€579.99€429.99
Reseller Discount
Discount on further carts ------50%

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